Frequently Asked Questions

What is XO Bills?
It is an integrated Industry based software application to serve the specific and complete needs and requirements of the industry by integrating various modules all interconnected through a workflow to achieve the goals and targets of the industry with enhanced technology, features and processes.
How can I access to XO Bills?
Accessing XO Bills Software is very easy. Register online at and an email with further instructions will be send to the registered e-mail address. XO Bills works on a subscription module.
How do I subscribe XO Bills?
It is simple. Subscribe to the plan mentioned on the website by accepting to the terms and conditions. After successful completion of payments, a license will be issued in lieu of the account holder for the agreed period of subscription.
How soon the license get activated?
Normal turnaround time for the activation of license is 24 hours from the successful payment to the subscription plan.
How do I get support?
Getting support is easy. Contact us directly at and our team of talented support specialists will respond to your query in less than 24 hours, and typically much faster.
Do you have a trial version?
Yes. We provide a trial version for 7 days for knowing and understanding the features and benefits of the product. Access to account will be denied after the expiry of trial period.